Q:What is floral preservation?

It is the dehydration process of flowers that allows them to maintain their natural shape and color. "Good Housekeeping Magazine" has rated freeze drying the best preservation method available for flowers.

Q: How soon after my event do you need my flowers?

The more quickly your flowers come to us the better your end results will be. 5 days at the absolute latest. The best way to ensure that your flowers are taken care of is to make arrangements with us ahead of time. We take a limited number of arrangements a month so meeting with us before your event is the best way to guarantee a spot for your flowers. 

Q: How do I care for my flowers before I bring them to Redfox Designs?

DO NOT place them in the freezer!

1) Place in a container with water or moisten the green oasis in your bouquet holder.

2) Store in a refrigerator or cooler with ice packs away from fruits and veggies. Again, be careful not to let the flowers get TOO cold in the fridge.

3) Call us for pick-up (for a fee) or make an appointment to bring them to the studio.

Q: How long do preserved flowers last?

Humidity and UV light are preserved flowers' worst enemies. Our custom made frames are sealed and safeguarded against humidity and all glass is UV reflective. So they should last many, many years to a lifetime.

Q: Do you preserve bereavement flowers?

Absolutely. They are our most cherished work. Bereavement flowers are sometimes one of the last mementos we have of our loved ones. Any shadow box designs are appropriate, but we also recommend Christmas ornaments since we tend to feel the absence of loved ones particularly during the holidays. Bereavement arrangements can be made into several ornaments to be shared among family members.

Q: Micheal's sells "flower preservation kits". How is this process different?

Simply put: quality. At Redfox Designs, every flower is treated differently in the preservation process to ensure that the flowers look their very best. The framing and matting is custom made for you and sealed ensuring flowers look their best for many years to come.

Q: How long before my design is returned to me?

Depending on the season your flowers are brought to us and the intricacy of the design you select, the process is about three to six months.

Q: If you preserve my flowers, can I have them back without a display case or do my own arrangement?

Absolutely. During the preservation process every bouquet or arrangement is deconstructed so that every flower can be processed and color treated individually. This ensures the very greatest quality for every flower. After the freeze dry and color treatment processing every bloom is placed on floral wire suitable for arrangement. Your flowers will be given back to you in a plastic container in this condition. You will be given an informational print out and a few goodies to help you with your creative process from there.

**It is important to note that preserved flowers really do need to be sealed in some kind of display. Dust, bugs, humidity and brittleness with age are freeze-dried flowers' worst enemies.

Q: Is a deposit required?

A deposit of $250 is required for all wedding bouquets and funeral arrangements. Smaller orders are paid in full when flowers are received by Redfox Designs.